Is Reiki for Everyone?

Reiki Energy can help every living thing. From plants and trees to pets and especially people, we can all benefit from a Reiki Energy Healing Session!  During a session you will remain relaxed and at peace while fully clothed as a Reiki Practitioner applies Healing Energy Medicine to all points of the body. Reiki can be offered to anyone at any age. Energy Healing Sessions are usually performed in a quiet place, preferably a practitioner's office and sessions usually last 30-60 minutes. Reiki is a spiritual practice but does not pertain to any one religion so anyone can receive Healing Energy Medicine.

How Reiki Can Help?

Reiki is a powerful tool used for balancing out energy centers in the body. We are all made up of energy and one of the best ways to balance and heal that energy is with Reiki Energy! When energy centers are weakened in the body, we are more apt to take on illness or injury.  Reiki brings that energy back to a balanced state for the body to be healthy and strong. Most people report warmth, vibration and some even say they feel a healing occurring within their body.

Reiki in Hospitals & Hospice

It is very beneficial to receive Reiki when undergoing surgery or cancer treatment. Pamela Picard has been trained as a Medical Reiki Master  to go into surgery and follow you through your whole surgical process; before, during and after surgery. Benefits noted are: very little blood loss, body remains warm to the touch so tissue is more pliable, blood pressure remains stable and there are very little pain meds requested after surgery. Doctors have also noted that patients that receive Reiki during surgery recover more quickly.  Also, when Reiki is offered to Cancer patients during treatments, patients tend to show very little side effects. Reiki can also be very beneficial to Hospice patients and their families offering them comfort and support during a very stressful time in their life.


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