What Clients are talking about-

Lisa L.

“I was suffering from a horrible bout of anxiety that I could not seem to shake.  When I had my appointment with Pam, I was skeptical but was desperate for help.  Very quickly on in the session I had such a sense of peace and calmness that I would have never been able to achieve on my own. The anxiety left my body and I remained at that calm state for many days thereafter. "  

Jen A.

"My Reiki experience with Pam was both healing and beneficial.  On my first session I was a bit nervous about it but Pam made me feel relaxed and explained the process as she went along.  I must say that I felt truly energized and  a huge reduction in my stress level.  I can't wait for my next appointment! "  

Jean G.

“Pam's guided meditations bring clarity, affirmation and relaxation. Her compassionate loving nature and personal experience combined brings one to a safe place while journeying to a greater understanding of one's soul.” 

Michele C.

“Working with Pam gives me a sense of calm and peace.  My worry and stress disappears while she is working with me and I feel refreshed and able to see clearly what I need to do with my life.

I find my sessions with Pam helps give me direction and time to heal my mind, body and spirit!”

Doreen M.

“A few years ago I had Shingles.  Pam invited me over and after about a hour of Reiki, I felt less pain in my neck where the Shingles were their worst.  I saw Pam for a second time and my back and shoulders were giving me a lot of pain due to my posture. Within in minutes I felt healing in my shoulders and upper back.  Pam not only helps with holistic healing but she offers advice and ideas to aid and care for my body."  

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